30 Jul 2011

Rosanna Ogden in ASA


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26 August 2011
At just 18 months old, Rosanna Ogden from Lancashire is living proof of the benefits of introducing a love of water at an early age.
Swimming with baby-swimming course specialists Water Babies since she was just 10 weeks old, Rosanna has been swimming unaided for the last five months.
It was clear from the start that she loved being in the water.
Rosanna’s extraordinary progress in the pool is even more remarkable as at just six weeks old, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of tumour in her heart and underwent an emergency operation.
Rosanna’s parents Mick and Sanam Ogden were told she may not survive as the tumour was stopping blood being pumped into Rosanna’s heart before being circulated back around her body.
But after defying the odds and successfully recovering from the eight-hour operation, her medical team recommended she attend swimming lessons to help build up her strength.
Rosanna’s mum Sanam said, “We joined the Water Babies classes when Rosanna was just 10 weeks old and it was clear from the start that she loved being in the water.
"She enjoyed it so much that we started taking her swimming three or four times a week.
"It was during our family holiday earlier this year that we realised she was able to swim on her own. She is very strong now and Water Babies have moved Rosanna into the toddlers class as she is so advanced for her age.”
The ASA recommends learning to swim at the earliest possible opportunity and the ASA’s Head of Learn to Swim, Jon Glenn said: “Rosanna is a fantastic example of how swimming can provide health benefits and it’s great that she has started learning at from an early age.
"She does seem to be something of a miracle as it’s quite unusual to be able to swim unaided at such a young age.
“Babies need to become familiar with the water, gain confidence and have fun which is what early swimming lessons are all about.
"Water Babies is a good example of this as they link in with the ASA Learn to Swim framework which takes children through from their first splash to full competence in the water.”


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