15 Aug 2011

Rosanna Ogden and Rhabdomyoma

Rosanna at Manchester Hospital 25th March 2010

At 5 weeks of age age the health visitor asked Rosanna's parents to register her at a doctor.

So at the 6 weekly check Doctor Nemat Noroz at the Adlington Medical Centre noticed that something doesnt sound right, she booked her for a scan at Bolton hospital  to see what the problem is, on 25th March 2010 Rosanna went to have scan to see what was wrong with her.they said there is something in her heart not sure what it is, we send you to Manchester Childrens Hospital to specialist. and it was same day at 2:00pm.

at Manchester Hospital a heart specialist Dr: Suhair Shebani found that its a tumour and its a rare type.
its called: "Rhabdomyoma", and in last 10 years only 3 similar cases happend in UK.

here we dont do heart surgery, said Dr Shebani, we need to send you to Birmingham or Liverpool.
Rosanna been sent to Aldey Hey Hospital at Liver pool, it was 10:00pm when she arrived there.

Rosanna needed an urgent surgery.as this tumour blocked the way that blood was getting in.so %70 it was blocked by this, and hardly blood could get in.

on 26th of March all doctors and specialist, checked everything in her to be ready to send her to theater room.

on 27th March 2010 Rosanna went to a life saving surgery.
Doctors told to Rosanna's Parents this operation might take up to 8 hours.
after 3 hours Rosanna's parent's got a phone call from hospital that you can come to see her in Intensive Care Unite and she is doing well.

Rosanna after heart surgery 27th March 2010

Rosanna with Opended chest looked too weary.

Rosanna been sent back to "K2 ward" and 2 days after Home.
but as this tumour could grow anywhere else she's been having regular scan's.

With Speciall Thanks To:

Dr Nermat Noroz at Adlington Medical Centre
Bolton Hospital
Manchester Hospital Dr Suhair Shebani
Alder Hey Hospital Dr Nelson Alphonso 
K2 ward at Alder Hey.

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