4 Mar 2012

Rosanna Ogden - British Heart Fondation Charity Swim

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Rosanna swam 4 length= 100 Meter's on 3rd of March for British Heart Foundation.
she was the youngest swimmer and the youngest fund raiser between 133 members.

Rosanna and her Dad waiting for Rosanna's turn

Rosanna and her Dad and her Swimming instructor Ben Hamlett.

Rosanna and Ben Hamlette, Her swimming instructor

Rosanna cant wait for her turn...

Rosanna starting her Charity Swim

Rosanna finishing her charity Swim...

Hi Five instructor

Rosanna and Nigel Tottman

Nigel Tottman -  Heather Hunt  (BHF Manager) - Rosanna

Rosanna getting a goft from Heather Hunt.

Rosanna picking the raffle tickets as a special guest

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