2 Apr 2012

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Rosanna Ogden – 3rd party fundraiser

Rosanna, two-year-old swimmer girlDoing it your own way – Rosanna Ogden fundraising her own way for the BHF, written by her mother Sanam Ogden.
Rosanna started swimming at 13 months of ageRosanna went for her first GP check-up at 6 weeks old. This was just a general check-up and her doctor checked her all over. However, whilst being checked the doctor said: “something doesn’t sound right with her breathing”. We were advised to get this checked out so we booked a scan.
During the scan they found there was something wrong but were not sure exactly what, so they sent us the same day to the specialist team at Manchester Children's hospital. Whilst there they said this is a rare case...and they started to wire her up and telling us you can’t go home, she has to stay. That night they sent Rosanna who was all wired up and cradled in my arms in an ambulance to Liverpool Alder Hey.
She went for her life saving surgery two days later at 3:00pm. After an 8 hour operation we've received a phone call that she had been moved to the Intensive care unit and we could come and see her. She stayed that night in ICU and 3 days after she came home, everything happened within a week.
Rosanna was diagnosed with a rare tumour Rosanna's diagnosis was a rare tumour called Rhabdomyomawithin the heart muscle. This tumour usually regresses as children grow, but if it is at a site and causes obstruction of blood flow, it can be life threatening. For Rosanna, the tumour was coming out of the muscle separating the two pumping chambers of the heart called ventricles. It was like a dumbbell and one end of the dumbbell was popping in and out of her aortic valve causing obstruction of blood flow to her aorta. It was a significant obstruction and the reason Rosanna had early surgery was because this could have been potentially life threatening.
We found out about the work of the BHF through the Heart matters magazine, my husband had borrowed his friend's copy. When I started reading all about heart health and saw there were some events coming up, I thought that Rosanna could take part and make a splash at the next swimming event, the BHF Camberley swim.
Rosanna, 3rd party fundraiserIt was a perfect fit, a girl with a heart condition who loves swimming, what better way to raise money for the BHF. We know how unusual her condition is and how far she has come that’s why we set up a justgiving page and have raised nearly £1030.
On the day of the swim we woke up a bit later (as the swim takes place around Rosanna’s tea time). We let her have a play to make her tired as we had a long drive and knew she would sleep. As we got to Camberley and into the pool's car park she woke up, we grabbed some food and then she was all ready for her swim. She was happy as her swimming instructor turned up as well, and she completed her swim for the BHF.
Rosanna, the Miarcle underwater swimmer girlBy raising money for the BHF we hope this will help to look after and care for more people with a heart condition. Rosanna’s swimming is our way of doing something for charity that helps vulnerable hearts like Rosanna’s. Her story is quite amazing; she is a Miarcle underwater swimmer girl.
Rosanna started swimming at 13 months, just a year after the operation. She entered the Camberley swim because swimming is her professional job. It is quite unusual what she is and what she can do at the age of two.
As parents your worst fear is to hear something is wrong with your child. You think it is the end of the world and we did. It’s only, now seeing her progress, we understand how amazing the work of the BHF is.
Rosanna Ogden, BHF fundraiser We hope that by sharing Rosanna’s story we can help other people in similar situations. We hope Rosanna’s story can give hope reassurance that someone as young as Rosanna who had a very rare kind of heart problem, survived. We longed for somebody there to tell us these things, so we could have had more hope.
We feel supporting the BHF is a positive way to make an impact, and it makes us happy. I would 100% recommend it to everybody, and whenever I can, I do!

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