26 Jun 2012

Rosanna Ogden - Starting The Little Heart Campaign

Rosanna Ogden supports our Little Hearts campaign

Rosanna_Ogden_articleRosanna Ogden is supporting the Little Hearts campaign which launches in our shops this June. We’re asking everyone to donate and wear a Little Hearts badge to help fund vital research which could help children like Rosanna in the future.
Rosanna went for her first GP check-up at six weeks old. The doctor spotted that something wasn’t right with Rosanna’s breathing and referred her for checks. The tests revealed that Rosanna had a rare tumour called rhabdomyoma within the heart muscle. The tumour usually regresses as children grow, but if it causes obstruction of blood flow, it can be very serious.

Open heart surgery

Rosanna was diagnosed with a rare tumourFor Rosanna, the tumour was coming out of the muscle separating the two larger pumping chambers of the heart called ventricles. It was a significant obstruction and could have been potentially life threatening.
At just six weeks old Rosanna had open heart surgery to 
remove the tumour and now less than two years later she is 
entering BHF organised swims to help raise money for our 


Rosanna’s mum Sanam said: “We hope that by sharing Rosanna’s story we can help other people in similar situations. We hope Rosanna’s story can give reassurance that someone as young as Rosanna who had a very rare kind of heart problem survived. We longed for somebody there to tell us these things, so we could have had more hope.

"We feel supporting the BHF is a positive way to make an impact, and it makes us happy. I would 
100% recommend it to everybody, and whenever I can, I do!”

Show your support, visit your local BHF shop and wear a Little Hearts badge this June.

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