23 Sep 2014

Rosanna Ogden - Little Hero Award 2014


And today's Little Hero is ... Rosanna Ogden!

Today we want to say a huge well done to Rosanna Joan Ogden, aged four years old, from Chorley in Lancashire, as she is one of our Little Heroes! Here is her inspirational story:
At six-weeks-old, Rosanna was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart tumour and the operation to remove it left her with only a 50 per cent chance of survival. She remains a heart patient as some of the tumour could not be removed, however her muscles are growing stronger by the day. After attending her first swimming lesson at just eight-weeks-old as part of her recovery, Rosanna has since taken part in several sponsored swims, raising thousands of pounds for the British Heart Foundation.
Rosanna's mum, Sanam Ogden, said: “In our eyes Rosanna has been a little hero ever since she was born, but to now have recognition from Water Babies makes us so proud.  We took Rosanna swimming every single day during her recovery stage and by 13 months she was able to swim unaided! We can’t wait to see what she achieves in the future and are so thankful to Water Babies for crowning her a Little Hero.”
Rosanna was a confident swimmer before she could even walk or talk. Adding to her list of achievements, she recently swam 600 metres, making her one of the youngest children to swim that distance!


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